How is the company performing?


Where is Carrefour S.A. on the journey to sustainable cotton?

Not yet started Carrefour S.A. in 2017
Starting the journey Carrefour S.A. in 2016
Well on the way
Leading the way
Company performance analysis

Carrefour scores 2.9 out of 100 points in this ranking – showing no significant performance on more sustainable cotton, and has therefore not yet started. The company is not a member of a collaborative initiative, but through its foundation it does support a local project in India to support cotton farmers.


The company has no public policy or statement on sustainable cotton sourcing, although it focuses on offering more organic textile products through its TEX label. It does not have a time-bound target to source cotton more sustainably. The company is committed to enhancing agro-ecology by developing agricultural practices to limit the use of pesticides but there is no public policy that addresses pesticide in cotton cultivation. The company does not have additional policies in place to address issues such as the reduction of water use, biodiversity or labour issues in cotton cultivation. For recycling of cotton, Carrefour France has developed a project with Ecotextile to offer money to customers who bring their old textile items to stores, but other structural initiatives are lacking.


The company offers products with organic cotton but does not report on the percentage of total volume of sustainable cotton sourced. Carrefour France sourced 0,5% organic (GOTS) cotton which only represents the cotton sourced by Carrefour France. The company does state that it only focuses on organic cotton.


The company is not fully transparent with respect to its cotton supply chain. The company does not publish information on the volume and origin of the cotton used in its products. Carrefour publishes some information on its finished product manufacturers in Bangladesh but does not provide more detailed information on its finished product, fabric, or yarn manufacturers.

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