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Where is Esprit Holdings Ltd on the journey to sustainable cotton?

Not yet started
Starting the journey Esprit Holdings Ltd in 2017
Well on the way
Leading the way
Company performance analysis

Esprit Holdings scores 12.1 out of 100 points, placing it in the ‘Starting the journey’ category. Esprit seeks to reduce the impact of its cotton raw material supply through its membership of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).


Esprit has not yet published a time bound target for the use of sustainable cotton but states that it is in the process of developing one. Although the company does not have additional policies for addressing certain harmful impacts of cotton cultivation, such as HPPs, extensive water use, and biodiversity issues, it addresses these topics, as well as human rights and labour issues in the cotton supply chain, through its membership of the BCI. Esprit is also certified by the voluntary Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) standard but has, as of yet, no concrete policy for recycling of cotton-made products and recycled cotton.


Esprit does not publish any information about volumes of more sustainable cotton sourced, either in percentage or absolute terms.


Esprit provides comprehensive insights concerning its supplier relations at the final production stage (tier-1), but does not provide information regarding its fabric manufacturers (tier-2) and yarn spinners (tier-3). It does not publish information on the absolute volume and origin of the cotton used in its products.

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