How is the company performing?


Where is lululemon athletica Inc. on the journey to sustainable cotton?

Not yet started lululemon athletica Inc. in 2017
Starting the journey
Well on the way
Leading the way
Company performance analysis

Lululemon Athletica scores 0.5 out of 100 points in this ranking – showing no significant performance on more sustainable cotton, and has therefore not yet started.


Lululemon states on its website that having ethical cotton sources is important to them and claims to be working to ensure that suppliers uphold their values. It remains unclear what these values are and how Lululemon is working towards them where it concerns its cotton sourcing. The company has no public policy or stated intent to work on cotton sustainability nor does it have a time-bound target to source more sustainable cotton. The company does not have policies in place to address any of the environmental cotton production policy issues that were the subject of this ranking. The company has a ban in place on sourcing cotton from Uzbekistan, but does not otherwise address labour or human rights violations in cotton cultivation.


Lululemon Athletica does not publish any information about volumes of more sustainable cotton sourced, either in percentage or absolute terms.


The company does not publish information on the absolute volume and origin of the cotton used in its products. The company does not provide information on its suppliers (finished product, fabric manufacturers, yarn spinners).

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