How is the company performing?


Where is Target Corporation on the journey to sustainable cotton?

Not yet started Target Corporation in 2016
Starting the journey Target Corporation in 2017
Well on the way
Leading the way
Company performance analysis

Target is scoring 8.1 out of 100 points and has therefore started the journey. Target has made some steps in policy and traceability in 2016 by committing to sourcing sustainable raw materials and publishing a list of tier-one suppliers. Target Group stated its intent to create targets and plans in the coming year. Target became a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) in February 2017.


Target states its intent to champion responsibly grown and harvested cotton, but had in 2016 no policies in place to address issues of water use, hazardous pesticides, biodiversity in cotton cultivation. It remains unclear whether Target has a recycling policy with regard to cotton or textile in general. The company does not address labour or human rights violations in cotton cultivation, apart from banning Uzbek cotton. The company has no public time-bound target for more sustainable cotton sourcing.


Although Target offers certified Organic clothing through its website, it does not report a percentage or volume of sustainable cotton sourced in 2016.


Target publishes a list of all factories, as well as textile and wet processing facilities producing Target’s own-brand products (tier-1). The company does not provide information on its tier-2 (fabric manufacturers), or tier-3 (yarn spinners). The company does not publish any information about volumes of more sustainable cotton sourced, either in percentage or absolute terms.

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